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The WLPGA is the global voice for the LP Gas industry. Its members represent the entire LP Gas value chain. The WLPGA unites the broad interests of the worldwide LP Gas industry into one strong independent organisation. Read More

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31 Jul 2014

The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) Hosts Third Successful Leadership Summit – Leading from the Front

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31 Jul 2014

Prins Autogassystemen Announced as 2014 WLPGA Innovation Award Winner

Every year, during the World LP Gas Forum, the WLPGA holds a Global Technology Conference (GTC) showcasing the very latest ... Read more
31 Jul 2014

Nick Black VP LPG of Argus Media in conversation with Makoto Arahata

Makoto Arahata has been a source of wisdom and expertise about Japan’s LP Gas sector for many years as the ... Read more
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  • LP Gas Exceptional Energy for Small Island Developing States

    Energy is crucial to sustainable development in small island developing states (SIDS) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) has a central role in achieving that goal.

    11 Jul 2014 » Download (PDF, 3.01 MB)
  • The Role of LP Gas in Food Production

    Tofu and Tempeh Production in Indonesia - A WLPGA Case Study

    Tofu and tempeh (a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia) are fundamental to the Indonesian diet where they are a staple source of affordable protein. Tofu and tempeh are traditionally produced using firewood to heat soybeans. A lack of government regulation has led to poor sanitation, safety and health conditions, and high environmental impacts.

    03 Jul 2014 » Download (PDF, 1.45 MB)
  • The Role of LP Gas in Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters are a tragic reality. Earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, floods strike frequently and often with very little warning causing disruption to power and energy networks. This can directly affect hundreds of thousands of people who are often forced to seek temporary accommodation. These survivors need fuel for warmth and for cooking. The unique benefits of LP Gas mean that it can be transported, stored and used virtually anywhere and this exceptional energy offers swift solutions in times of emergency. This case study looks at how some companies are preparing in advance.

    02 Jun 2014 » Download (PDF, 490.65 kB)
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