Reports & Studies

  • Cooking with Gas: Why women in developing countries want LPG and how they can get it

    Report developed for the World LP Gas Association by ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy.

    23 Oct 2014 » Download (PDF, 1.77 MB)
  • LP Gas and Electricity Demand-Side Management

    This paper looks at thecurrent and potential role of Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in electricity demand - side management (DSM) programmes, with a particular focus on the advanced, industrialised countries.
    22 Oct 2014 » Download (PDF, 1.89 MB)
  • LP Gas Exceptional Energy for Small Island Developing States

    Energy is crucial to sustainable development in small island developing states (SIDS) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) has a central role in achieving that goal.

    11 Jul 2014 » Download (PDF, 2.94 MB)
  • The Role of LP Gas in Food Production

    Tofu and Tempeh Production in Indonesia - A WLPGA Case Study

    Tofu and tempeh (a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia) are fundamental to the Indonesian diet where they are a staple source of affordable protein. Tofu and tempeh are traditionally produced using firewood to heat soybeans. A lack of government regulation has led to poor sanitation, safety and health conditions, and high environmental impacts.

    03 Jul 2014 » Download (PDF, 1.45 MB)
  • The Role of LP Gas in Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters are a tragic reality. Earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, floods strike frequently and often with very little warning causing disruption to power and energy networks. This can directly affect hundreds of thousands of people who are often forced to seek temporary accommodation. These survivors need fuel for warmth and for cooking. The unique benefits of LP Gas mean that it can be transported, stored and used virtually anywhere and this exceptional energy offers swift solutions in times of emergency. This case study looks at how some companies are preparing in advance.

    02 Jun 2014 » Download (PDF, 490.65 kB)
  • Cooking For Life Roadmap to a Billion

    The Roadmap, which was created by a working group of WLPGA members, outlines a project plan for how Cooking For Life will achieve its objective of converting one billion people from using biomass and other traditional fuels to LP Gas by 2030. The Roadmap was managed by Nexight consultants and included feedback from a number of key figures from within and outside the LP Gas industry. The Roadmap outlines the guiding principles of the initiative and what steps need to be taken to reach to goal.

    19 Feb 2014 » Download (PDF, 4.31 MB)
  • Statistical Review of Global LP Gas 2013

    The Statistical Review of Global LP Gas 2013 is now available.  A copy will be sent to all WLPGA members and you can expect to receive this shortly.  Non members may order a copy of the Review from Argus Media by contacting Philip Shaw on

    09 Oct 2013
  • Bringing Low Smoke Cookstoves to Darfur, Sudan

    Learn how a project in Sudan is bringing LP Gas cookstoves to thousands of households in Darfur.

    06 Sep 2013 » Download (PDF, 500.20 kB)